Videoseven Drivers For Mac


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  1. Videoseven Drivers For Macbook Pro

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Having read Archibaels info on custom Intel drivers I was wondering if you may be able to help me with a similar problem. I have an Intel 945GCPE motherboard which incorporates the gma950 and uses the 945g video driver. I have tried to get this board to drive a Videoseven 19 wide monitor(R19w01) with a 1440 x 900 native resolution under vista bus x32. As default the video driver does not offer 1440 x 900 or indeed any 16:10 resolution and when I install powerstrip I am unable to get it to work by saving a custom resolution.


I followed Archibaels document and created a custom resolution in the driver by manually typing in the the dtd data from the monitor which does translate to a 1440 x 900 resolution. When I install the driver using the modified inf file the monitor goes blank and I have to reboot in safe mode and re-install the standard driver to get the display back. I have double checked that I am entering the correct dtd and am pretty sure that I have edited it correctly. I have tried the V7 monitor on a HP nx7300 which has a 945gm chipset and it goes into 1440 x 900 straight away. Also I have tried the monitor with a different Intel motherboard d946GZIS which incorporates a gma3000 and I still dont get a 1440 x 900 option. I would be very grateful for any pointers as to how I could resolve this issue as I have a customer with 12 of these systems below is a copy of the edid data from moninfo and the data I entered into the custominf file as per archibaels documentwas 9A 29 A0 D0 51 84 22 00 98 FF 10 00 00 1C Monitor Windows description. CMO Monitor Manufacturer description.

CMC 19AW Manufacturer. CMO - Plug and Play ID. CMO2198 Serial number.

0 EDID data source. I2C bus (real-time) - Manufacture date. 2007, ISO week 25 EDID revision. 1.3 Display type and signal.

Analog 0.700,0.000 (0.7V p-p) Sync input support. Separate Screen size. 410 x 260 mm (20') Power management. Active off/sleep Color characteristics Display gamma. 2.20 Red chromaticity. Rx 0.642 - Ry 0.348 Green chromaticity. Gx 0.288 - Gy 0.601 Blue chromaticity.

Videoseven Drivers For Macbook Pro

Bx 0.143 - By 0.072 White point (default). Wx 0.313 - Wy 0.329 Timing characteristics VESA GTF support. Not supported Horizontal scan range. 30-82kHz Vertical scan range. 56-76Hz Video bandwidth.

140MHz Extension blocks. N/a Timing recommendation #1. 1440x900 at 60Hz Modeline. Did you add '37 01' onto the end of the DTD?

Some things to try: on the PC this is working with (HP nx7300), install Powerstrip, choose Display Profiles Configure, Advanced Timing Options, and click the 'Copy Timings to Clipboard button at the bottom of the screen. Paste 'em here. You're not the only one having this problem. My investigation shows that some Linux users are failing using the vendor-provided EDID as well.

I never did find a working Modeline for this monitor, but oddly your monitor doesn't seem to enjoy the DTD it says it wants. Definitely remove Powerstrip on the PCs where it is not working; it can throw things off on applying the right settings in the registry. Another weird possibility: the vendor-provided DTD is in conflict withthe generic 1440x900 driver and is going with the generic.

Try using 9A 2998 D8 51 84 22 30 50 98 36 00 98 FF 10 00 00 1C to see if a 1432x900 will work.It's not 'better' but could at least give us a clue on how things are going wrong. It's pretty much impossible for it to be in conflict with the generic, so it should work as expected. Hi Archibael Thank you very much for the response. Having spent the last four days hitting my head against this problem I finally found the answer last night. Apparently the Intel driver has a problem correctly reading the edid data of certain monitors and Intel have released a driver specifically for this issue.

I don't understand what the issue with reading the edid is and if it is known problem why it wasn't corrected in the latest intel drivers but anyway it works and my headache is over. Many thanks for your response Andrew R. Hi archibel, I saw you helped some people with a fix, can you please help me too??? I having an acer idea 500 with gma 950 (945i chipset) and this device is connected via HDMI with an panasonic th-37pv70 plasma. I try to run 720p but now my scrollbar is out of screen and on 1080p taskbar or scrollbar is within the sreen.

This is the dump i maked with mon: Monitor Manufacturer description. PANASONIC-TV Manufacturer. Panasonic Plug and Play ID. MEIA064 Serial number.

454 (173400454) EDID data source. Registry (stored) Manufacture date.

2007, ISO week 34 EDID revision. 1.3 Display type and signal.


Digital Sync input support. N/a Screen size. N/a Power management. N/a Color characteristics Display gamma. 2,20 Red chromaticity. Rx 0,640 - Ry 0,345 Green chromaticity.

Gx 0,291 - Gy 0,635 Blue chromaticity. Bx 0,163 - By 0,093 White point (default).

Wx 0,288 - Wy 0,296 Timing characteristics VESA GTF support. Not supported Horizontal scan range. 15-68kHz Vertical scan range. 49-61Hz Video bandwidth.

150MHz Extension blocks. 1 Timing recommendation #1. 1280x720 at 50Hz Modeline. '1280x720' 74,250 1280 1720 1760 1980 720 741 746 750 +hsync +vsync Timing recommendation #2. 1280x720 at 60Hz Modeline.

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