Slazenger K1 Speed Drivers For Mac


Watching the Golf Channel earlier (nothing else on) Sam Torrance no less was demonstrating the Slazenger K1 Speed Driver the most powerful driver ever. To prove the point three amateurs 7, 12 and 18 hcps were taken to the famour par 4 10th hole at the Belfry. Surprisingly all 3 managed the 250yd carry onto the green one player being just 8 ft away. After these 3 amazing shots Sam Torrance (not surprisingly) decided not to have a go to avoid embarrasment no doubt.

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The club has been reduced in price (cant think why) to. Does the club have a track record in Long Drive? It's not like those guys to miss a trick, especially on the Most Powerful Driver Ever.I'll watch out for the ad but unless the triallists can show their HC certificates, and I have a way of verifying their authenticity, I'll take them with a pinch of salt.After all The Golf Channel was also responsible for ludicrous claims for the NorthWestern Pro over Cally BB and Titleist drivers. You had to look hard for the small print they were eventually forced to publish, that the test rival clubs were 20+ year old models. I think you all give the golf channel a hard time. Sure alll the clubs they sell are shite and their dvds arent very good either but those bald eagle balls actually do what they say on the tin.

Slazenger K1 Speed Driver. I’m guessing the Slazenger k1 wasn’t as good a fit for the pro and probably had too much actual loft for him – hence the lower ball speed and excessive spin. Bit like the Plus10 slazenger k1 it. Slazenger k1 speed driver / 10 degree / regular. Driver, 3 wood, 3i hybrid, 4i hybrid 5-6-7-8-9-pw and putter. All goods returned must be in perfect condition and in original packaging when returned See complete description Notify me before the end of the auction. Slazenger k1 speed 460cc driver was on Windows 7 64bit, do check the article for other versions and more detailed descriptions. I am however still back to my original issue of Windows 10 not ezdrummer rock solid keygen to the iphone, but itunes does and usbaapl64 driver least I can sync via itunes.

Front of widget. Well kind of. I found one on the course the other day and hit it for a we bit.

Sure it gave worse feel than the old fasioned pinacles and a worse flight than commando balls. But it did actaully roll very nicely on the green once you lined it up. Impossible to judge the speed of the putts but hey if its going end over end. OK I finally got around to clicking on the unsolicited ad link to check their claims, since I've yet to see the TV advert.' MAXIMUM SWEET SPOT' - according to the Laws of Physics every golf club ever made has that. You can find it using a microscope.'


Slazenger K1 Speed Drivers For Mac

Unique Knife technology' - can anyone say LaJolla Knife? Or TaylorMade Raylor if you want to go further back in time? Nothing unique about it.' Unique DKS (double kick shaft)' - a shaft with 2 kick points?

I'd love to the freeze frame of this in action.Thanks for the laughs. Well, I'm sure that there is all kinds of stuff on the Golf Channel and in all kinds of other ads. However, I was playing at last Sunday and caught up with the two-ball in front who I played the last 6 holes with.

Slazenger K1 Speed Drivers For Macbook Pro

One of them was using the K1, and he had found a great improvement in his driving (more length and accuracy). He was a high handicapper and was having a lot more fun with this driver. And isn't that the point?

This guy is happier on the course.I borrowed the K1 for a couple of hits and I actually found it quite nice - once I got used to the fel of the shaft I was pretty pleased, and the rescue club the guy had got for it seemed nice too.In case you are thinking of buying one perhaps you should check out the Vortex 460cc (it came up on a Google search) which seems to be exactly the same club with different branding and it is.

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