Repair Motu Traveler Driver For Mac

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I have a PowerBook G4 and i want to use Ardour for multi-track recording. I want to be able to record multiple tracks at once (say, around 8, for a full sized band). I was looking to use the MOTU ultralite to interface with my 16ch Mackie mixer. Ardour recognizes Core Audio drivers, and so does the MOTU device. Does this mean i can record multiple tracks at once with Ardour?

Repair Motu Traveler Driver For Mac

MOTU is an engineering-driven music technology company passionately driven to create products that help you produce amazing music. MOTU’s award-winning hardware and software are used by top professionals every day on hit songs, mega tours, primetime shows and blockbuster films. MOTU Universal Audio is a great software package that helps you install the most recent drivers designed for the MOTU FireWire, USB, Hybrid and PCI-424 audio interfaces. We are replacing the Firewire controller IC of a Motu Traveler. For all micro soldering training contact us at

I’m very new to multi-track digital recording, and i have noticed that some hardware devices and apps have limitations as to how many tracks can be recorded at once. What do the other Mac users out there use to interface with Ardour? Ardour does not use CoreAudio at all.

All audio I/O is handled via JACK to allow inter-application audio routing as well as I/O to and from hardware. As far as we know, if it has a CoreAudio driver, it works with JACK. It is possible for there to be minor incompatibilities that can cause problems, but in general this rule stands. Ardour can record as many tracks at one time as your disk subsystem will permit. The record to date is about 70 tracks at once. The program began life as a pure hard disk recorder, not an editor, and so it tends to be significantly more reliable in this area than software that began life as a sequencer and later added multitrack recording functionality. I forgot to mention that although MOTU h/w will work on a Mac running OS/X, because of MOTU’s policies towards Linux support i would encourage to choose other hardware.

MOTU have consistently and vigorously turned away the Linux community’s attempts to create (for free) drivers for MOTU hardware, despite our successful results with RME, M-Audio, Echo and many other fine products. If you have a choice (and i know you do, despite the fine qualities of MOTU’s equipment) i request that you do not reward them in this way. Hello, I am new about Ardour and I find it a great project.

Repair Motu Traveler Driver For Mac

Thanks to who’s making this project a reality! In fact I’m thinking to download this sequencer (making a corresponding payment) but I’m worrying about the use of my soundcard. I’v just bout a Motu traveler and it seem a good card for what I’m looking for. Bur is it going to work OK with Ardour? I am recording wit a MacBookPro and, til now i’v used Cubase. After installing the program, I understood that you must download the Plugins and install them? Does a normal VST plugin works?

: your MOTU device if it works on your MacBookPro, it will work with JACK and thus with Ardour. Ardour does not support VST plugins on OS X. It does support AudioUnit plugins (almost all commercial plugins for OS X come in this format), and also comes with 117 LADSPA plugins which vary in quality and usability from excellent to dubious. It is not a MIDI sequencer (that requires Ardour 3, which has not yet been released. You can always download the free version to try it out, and then come back and pay for the version that will save AudioUnit settings. Go and get a focusrite or RME or m-audio product depending on whether you want firewire or USB or PCI/e. @siliceum if you are looking for firewire similar to 828 mkII then look at the ffado website (if you are using linux) for firewire - focusrite devices probably have the biggest following from the chatter on the website.

Paul and all, I am a recent convert to Mac recording, picked up a used Powerbook G4 with Logic to use for a mobile setup with 2 MOTU 896’s and thought all my problems were over HAAAA! After using a 2408 with Cubase SX2 on a custom PC I thought I could handle Logic. After working with software engineered by Germans, Logic makes no sense. The editing functions frustrated the crap out me. MOTU units come with Audiodesk(Digital Performer Lite) and the editing became a nightmare. There were so many utility functions built into Cubase that I missed when I started using these other programs. Well I came across Ardour and Mixbus and really like the sound.

I am trying to get to the point of recording start to finish in Ardour. Right now I am tracking in Audiodesk and importing tracs into Ardour. I am liking what I am hearing so far and if Ardour is stable on my older G5, I have a winning combo here. Powered by, best viewed with JavaScript enabled.

Motu 2408mk3 Drivers


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