Ransomware Protection For Mac


As with ransomware protection, we've observed more features specifically devoted to spyware protection on Windows-based security products than on the Mac, but a few products in this collection do. Ransomware in particular and malware in general have long been seen by consumers, device makers and members of the cyber security community as threats that predominantly target Microsoft Windows-based PCs. Security Apple users, beware: First live ransomware targeting Macs found 'in the wild' Researchers discover what they say is the first real-world ransomware meant to hit Macs.


Mac users worried about what could be on 's desktop operating system can take certain steps to protect themselves. First off, users should avoid downloading Transmission BitTorrent version 2.90, the file-sharing software that delivered the ransomware — a form of malware that encrypts certain files and data until users submit a bitcoin payment.

Mac Os X Ransomware Protection

Flowchart apps for mac. Mac users can also make sure Apple's own malware protection feature, XProtect, is enabled. That feature blocks known malicious software from being installed on the tech giant's computers.

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