Outlet Quirky Mantis Clip-on Led Task Lamp For Mac


If you’re like me, you love gadgets. One of my favorite television shows as a kid in the 80s was “MacGyver”.

Outlet Quirky Mantis Clip-on Led Task Lamp For Mac

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Outlet Quirky Mantis Clip-on Led Task Lamp For Macular Degeneration

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  2. Quirky Mantis LED Task Light $25.00. Mantis is a clip-on lamp that brightens your workspace with minimal interference to your surroundings. Battery-operated and portable, it’s perfect for.

He could whip up a gadget out of bubblegum and a paperclip. He was The Man.

Other TV action shows used guns and weapons of different kinds. MacGyver though, had no need for guns. He would work himself out of situations with his mind and things laying around his surroundings.

A lot of times, as a Church Creative, I’ve felt like MacGyver – with no budget, no “big guns” to use. I remember days where we didn’t have Adobe Suites or ProPresenter or huge budgets for sets. I remember making “click track” videos work in services by manually advancing slides in SundayPlus (oh yeah) and pointing at our audio guy for cues. I’ve been through the days of absolutely no budget for sets or sermon bumpers or moving lights. But somehow, in those scenarios, we made it work with what we had – and people still got saved. We can create great experiences at our churches, but let’s never forget the fact that it’s the Holy Spirit that changes lives, not our flashy toys. That being said, below are 10 clever gadgets that will make your life as a Church Creative a lot easier and some are just plain cool.


All of them though would have definitely made MacGyver proud. First, let’s go down memory lane with this 2008 MacGyver MasterCard Commercial: 1. Where to get it: 2. Pivot Power.

Outlet Quirky Mantis Clip-on Led Task Lamp For Mac

Where to get it: 3. Wrapster Earbud Cord Wrap. Where to get it: 4. Mantis Clip On Task Lamp. Where to get it: 5. Cordies.

Outlet quirky mantis clip-on led task lamp for macular degeneration

Where to get it: 6. GaffGun. Where to get it: 7. Wink Relay Touchscreen Controller. Where to get it: 8. Charge – Portable Battery for USB. Where to get it: 9. Ohm – Portable Speaker and Docking Station.

Where to get it: 10. Contort. Where to get it: What other gadgets do you use as a Church Creative that help you in your daily work? Creative Director / Owner twelve:thirtymedia Columbia, SC Carl Barnhill has served on staff at some of the largest churches and organizations in the country. He served as Media Director at, directing the television and radio program Precepts for Life with Kay Arthur, broadcasted to over 98 million homes around the world. He served as Video Production Director at in Brandon, MS, where he produced media content for four campuses, as well as led volunteer teams.

He most recently served as Video Coordinator for in South Carolina. Newspring has 10 campuses across the state with a weekly attendance of over 35,000. At one campus alone, the number of consistent volunteers serving in media production tripled, under his leadership. He currently serves as Creative Director and Owner of, a company that serves churches and ministries all over the world through motion graphics content and church media coaching.

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