Omnioutliner 5 Pro For Mac


OmniOutliner 5 for Mac. Outline: think, write, do. Create perfect outlines with a powerful, productive app. This is your all-purpose tool for Mac with smart columns, scriptability, custom styles, templates, and more.

  1. Omnioutliner 5 Pro For Mac

Omnioutliner 5 Pro For Mac


OmniOutliner Essentials (was OmniOutliner) is a flexible program for creating, collecting, and organizing information. Give your creativity a kick start by using an application that's actually designed to help you think. It's like having an extra brain - one that doesn't keep losing the car keys. You can use OmniOutliner's document structure to create hierarchies of main headings and subpoints that can be expanded and collapsed, which are immensely useful when it comes to brainstorming new ideas, drilling out specifics, and lining up steps needed to get everything done. But you aren't limited to outlines - you've What's New in OmniOutliner Essentials. Version 5.3.2:. Printing: Fixed an issue with long notes causing extra blank pages to print.

Stability: Fixed a crash when outdenting child rows directly in the Sections list. Performance: Improved performance when editing cells while a filter is applied. Filters: Summary nodes show correct values when the 'Summaries use only visible nodes' option for saved filters is on. Filters: Filter results change to reflect the Focus scope. Filters: Saved filters set to show hierarchy properly exclude children of the matching row. Filters: Fixed a case where summary cells would be blank after removing a filter. Filters: Switching between filters showing common parent rows with summary cells will cause the summary value to correctly update.

Filters: Rows edited while filtered obey any new filter that is applied.

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