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In this episode, we dig deeper in OmniFocus 3 for Mac by focusing on Capture and Custom Perspectives. Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere: Best Video Editor? - Duration: 11:28.

OmniFocus for Mac integrates seamlessly with Mac OS X to help manage tasks, projects, and other to-dos from a single interface. Pros Extremely customizable interface: OmniFocus offers a number of customizable views.

With project, context, priority, and date-based organization, combined with custom perspectives and arrangement tools, you can tweak your to-do list for your specific projects. The inbox feature makes adding new tasks incredibly quick, and the ability to quickly add new projects and contexts keeps the information organized.

Lightweight integration in OS X: OmniFocus runs quietly in the background while you work. With a couple keystrokes, you can call up a task entry screen to drop in a quick note for later reference, and the tool then syncs to iCloud or its own cloud server for access on another device or computer. Cons Steep barrier to entry: Because of its complexity, OmniFocus may take some time to get started.

There are a number of existing templates to help you get started, and the tool offers robust help files. But even with these extra tools, it may take some time to get everything organized. Bottom Line OmniFocus for Mac is a sleek piece of software that perfectly integrates the most effective productivity strategies into a single platform. It's fast, non-intrusive, and with syncing to mobile devices, can be a solid toolkit for your Mac.

Full Specifications What's new in version 3.1 Localizations - OmniFocus is now localized in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. MacOS Mojave - Added a preference to automatically follow the system appearance to the Style Preference Pane.

Detect software downloads. Thank you” In case you are in such situation and worried about your drivers, then stop thinking and here you will find solution for all your driver issues.

Sidebar - Added a light sidebar appearance. To use this appearance in the OmniFocus theme, uncheck 'Always use dark sidebar' in OmniFocus Style Preferences. Forecast - Forecast now hides declined calendar events, and events in the past.

Clean Up removes events that are still the Forecast outline but are now in the past due to passage of time. Columns - Fixed problems with the Columns layout and narrow windows. Copy/Paste - Fixed a problem where copying a parent task with child tasks selected would result in duplicate child tasks on paste. Crash - Fixed a crash in Quick Entry. Crash - Fixed a crash related to perspective settings.

Crash - Fixed a sync-related crash. Dark Theme - General fixes to the dark theme. Help - Fixed a problem where the Help window presented in Full Screen when it shouldn't have.

High Sierra - Fixed a problem with the appearance of the View Options popover in Dark mode in High Sierra. Perspectives - Fixed a problem where a perspective would appear to be in a state with transient changes as soon as you clicked into a field. Perspectives - Fixed a problem where custom perspectives with certain filter rules would not update correctly when their contents changed. Perspectives - Fixed a problem where transient changes to a perspective would be saved on Quit and the perspective would never revert to its saved settings. Sidebar - Fixed problems with enabled states and appearances of the plus and gear buttons at the bottom of the sidebar. VoiceOver - Made several improvements to VoiceOver in OmniFocus.

Smaller Fixes and Improvements - Including crash fixes. General Publisher Publisher web site Release Date October 12, 2018 Date Added October 12, 2018 Version 3.1 Category Category Subcategory Operating Systems Operating Systems Mac Additional Requirements.

macOS High Sierra. macOS Sierra. OS X El Capitan Download Information File Size 45.29MB File Name OmniFocus-3.1.dmg Popularity Total Downloads 12,352 Downloads Last Week 1 Pricing License Model Free to try Limitations 14-day trial Price $39.99.

OmniFocus 3 for Mac Defer dates and times work the same way in OmniFocus 3 as they did in OmniFocus 2. However, some of the specifics of what's included in this video have changed in OmniFocus 3. The Cleanup button no longer appears in the toolbar by default. It can be added to the toolbar by choosing View Customize Toolbar.

It's still possible to view and change deferred items in the Forecast perspective. The calendar items, if displayed, now appear inline with due items. Previously they were displayed separately in a horizontal format. Custom perspectives are more powerful in OmniFocus 3.

It's still possible to create a Radar perspective in OmniFocus 3 for Mac (Pro), but the interface for creating this custom perspective has changed. Note that contexts are now called tags and OmniFocus 3 tasks can have multiple tags.

OmniFocus allows you to specify the date and even the time when an item will become available. When you're getting down to work you can have OmniFocus only show you 'available' actions, filtering out those actions that have been deferred. The result is a shorter, more relevant list.


In this video we'll review the basics of using defer dates and will look at how they can be used as part of your day-to-day workflow. You'll learn:. How to defer an action to a future date.

The difference between defer dates and due dates. How to specify the default start time for defer dates. How to defer an action to a specific date and time. How to display deferred items in the Forecast perspective. How to use drag and drop to reassign defer dates.

How to defer a group of actions. How to defer an entire project. How to create a 'Radar' perspective that groups actions according to their defer date. If you're using the Pro edition of OmniFocus 2 for Mac, it's also recommended that you watch the video.

Omnifocus 3 Pro

This video provides instruction on creating perspectives that show all of your available actions as well as those that show available actions based on a filtered view of your OmniFocus database.

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