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Best New MacBook Pro 15″ Sleeve Case in 2018 First of all, you need to get the right sized laptop sleeve since this way you can ensure a snug fit. Secondly, the materials it’s made of need to be resistant to the type of daily wear and tear you’re going to subject your laptop to. Lastly, be sure to get a sleeve that’s priced accordingly based on the quality. If this sounds too complicated for you though and you don’t have time to research the best laptop sleeves out there, rest assured. We’ve done that for you in the paragraphs below, so let’s check them out!

Buying a bag for a MacBook Air can be a challenge, and you want to factor in price, protection, size and of course the looks. Here are a few of the best cases for MacBook Air, as well as sleeves.

Contents. 10. Inateck Sleeve Bag The Inateck laptop sleeve is suitable for the majority of laptops, not only your Macbook Pro.

One thing you’ll love about it is the fact it’s made of a very soft fleece fabric, it has excellent foam padding, and can easily absorb socks and bumps. Furthermore, it is lightweight and slim, meaning that you won’t need to worry about it bulking up your laptop, so you could easily slide your laptop into a backpack or briefcase. The unique design of this laptop sleeve gives it a nice professional look.

Advantages:. Lightweight and slim. Excellent foam padding for extra protection. Very soft fleece fabric is very nice to the touch and effectively protects your laptop. Protect your New MBP with the Inateck laptop sleeve. This model is very soft to the touch, has foam padding for extra protection and it’s slim as well. Highly recommended!

Kinmac New Bohemian Canvas Laptop Sleeve The Kinmac canvas laptop sleeve is an excellent way to protect your MBP laptop from scratches, scuffs, blemishes, and other common types of damage. This model will perfectly fit your 15.6 inch MBP and not only is it very comfortable to the touch, it’s also slim and has a thickness of just four millimeters. The interior of the laptop sleeve is fluffy and very pleasant to the touch, which furthermore improves the sleeve’s shock absorption. If you really want to protect your new MBP, then getting this sleeve is must. Advantages:.

Fluffy and smooth interior improves shock absorption. Just 4mm thick.

U zipper makes it easy to use this laptop sleeve. Whether you just bought a MBP or already have one, you need to protect it from scratches, dents, and more. With the Kinmac laptop sleeve, you can easily do that and at the same time upgrade your laptop’s style. Highly recommended! Mosiso Water Repellent Lycra Sleeve Bag Cover The Moiso laptop sleeve bag is made of high quality lycra and it’s perfect for anyone who cares about their laptop so much they want to protect it from scratches, dents, and other types of damages. This model features a soft fleece fabric lining, polyester foam padding, and it’s also lightweight.

It has an extra storage pouch bag as well which is great if you want to store some things in it. Since it’s lightweight and slim, you won’t need to worry about it bulking up your laptop. For peace of mind, this model comes with a one year warranty. Advantages:. Extra storage pouch bag.

Top quality Lycra material. Polyester foam padding for extra protection.

Notebook Sleeve Protector For Mac

Travel with your laptop anywhere while having the peace of mind you won’t damage it. This laptop sleeve bag is all you need to safeguard your expensive MBP from dents, scratches, and daily wear and tear. Plemo Sleeve Laptop The Plemo laptop sleeve has excellent shock absorption properties thanks to its nylon Lycra fabric lining. Its black color design means that you can easily match it with just about any clothing style, so traveling with it should be a breeze. The case features side pockets which are perfect if you want to store small items such as notepads, cables, power adapters, and more. The sleeve bag also comes with top handles which make carrying your laptop very easy.

Overall, it’s a very classy and also great laptop sleeve bag for your MBP. Advantages:. High quality polyester padding.

Top handles for easy carrying. Side pockets for extra storage space. Carry your laptop safely and in style with the new Plemo sleeve laptop bag. This model has a classy design, it’s easy to use, and it’s appropriately priced as well. What more can you ask for? GMYLE Zipped Vintage Book Sleeve Case The Gmyle laptop sleeve bag was specifically designed for the new MBP with touch bar. If you use your MBP on a daily basis and also take it with you anywhere you go, then you need a laptop sleeve bag.

This model is not only very well designed, but also has a soft interior which effectively safeguards your laptop from scratches. Furthermore, it is fully padded and can even protect your expensive MBP from drops.


As you know, not many laptop sleeve bags can do that. Overall, this is indeed a very good buy. Advantages:. Effectively protects your MBP. Very soft interior protects your MBP from scratches, dents, and more. Specifically designed for the MBP touch bar.

Take your MBP with you anywhere without having to worry about daily wear and tear. This sleeve bag will protect it from scratches, dents, and more. On top of that, it has a classy design as well. Highly recommended! Tomtoc Ultra Slim Sleeve Case Cover This beautiful caramel leather with felt is an amazing combination of materials that result in a one of a kind laptop sleeve bag. Their Tomtoc is a very slim sleeve case for your MBP touch bar that protects it from a wide range of damages, including scratches, dents, and more. The Tomtoc features a beautiful charcoal felt interior and exterior, durable magnets that make closing and opening it a breeze, and also a second compartment for storing your mobile phone, tablet, and more.

Overall, this is one of the best looking laptop sleeves you can currently get. Advantages:. Beautiful felt and leather design. Large second pocket allows you to store your tablet, mobile phone, etc. Magnetic opening flap. The Tomtoc laptop sleeve bag allows you to travel in style, while at the same time protect your valuable MBP touch bar.

It’s very slim, light, and most of all has a unique design. Caselogic PAS-215 Neoprene Sleeve The PAS-215 neoprene sleeve from Caselogic is highly recommended if you want to protect your laptop from scratches and dents. It features an easily accessible and dedicated pocket that allows you to easily store your mobile phone, USB devices, and more. The sleeve bag is six mm thick, where 3mm is foam and the other three is neoprene. While this can easily fit your MBP touch bar, it can also fit other wide screen laptops. For extra protection, the PAS-215 features a plush sueded interior.

Advantages:. Can fit widescreen laptops. Plush suede interior for extra protection. Storage pocket for power/AC adapter. No matter where you decide to take your laptop with you, there is always a chance you’ll scratch, dent or drop it and crack its screen.

Luckily, that’s no longer the cases when you get the Caselogic PAS-215. Using it you’ll safeguard your expensive laptop from all these types of damages. Tomtoc 360 Degrees Protective Sleeve 2 The Tomtoc laptop sleeve case is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to protect their expensive Macbook Pro with touch bar laptop. This model features reinforced corners and edges, comes with extra padding at the bottom and it’s also lightweight. In fact, the Tomtoc is more durable and easier to clean than most other laptop sleeve bags out there. For extra storage, this model comes with a side mounted soft nylon pocket which feels very nice to the touch.

Advantages:. Extra side pocket for more storage space. Bottom padding bar adds extra protection. Wipe clean synthetic finish.

From now on traveling with your MBP is going to be easier than ever. This laptop sleeve bag will keep it protected from various types of damages. On top of that, it also has a classy, low key design. Highly recommended!

Snugg Macbook Pro 15 Case The main concern of people traveling with their Macbook Pro is that somehow they’ll drop it or scratch it when they expect the least. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about that any longer. The Snug MBP case is a top shelf laptop case that fits your MBP perfectly and effectively protects it from a wide range of damages. Furthermore, it comes with a lifetime warranty, a rear pocket, and a built in card slot.

What more can you ask for? Advantages:. Perfectly fits your MBP touch bar. Magnetic flap for ease of use.

Comes with a lifetime warranty. Carry your MBP in style with the new Snugg case. With its excellent aesthetics, extra pocket for more storage and magnetic flap, using it is a breeze. Highly recommended! Tomtoc 360 Degrees Protective Laptop Sleeve Bag One of the first things you’ll love about case is that it comes with an easy glide zipper which means it won’t catch upon or snag when you open or close it. To prevent under scratching, the case also features a thick protective ridge. Furthermore, the Tomtoc features a very lightweight, yet thick protective cushioning to make sure your laptop stays safe from scratches, dents, bumps, and more.

Lastly, unlike other laptop cases out there, it is fully spill resistant which effectively obstructs vapor and water – even on rainy days. Advantages:. Spill resistant. Lightweight, but thick protective cushioning. Comes with multiple large and small pockets, including multiple penholders. If you don’t want to compromise on your laptop bag, then you don’t have to. This model is everything you need to carry your laptop with you anywhere without having to worry about a rainy day, spills, scratches, dents, and daily wear and tear.

Clear Notebook Sleeves

Highly recommended!

Our Premium Leather Sleeves are truly the Pinnacle of Apple Portable Protection. Far superior and $40 less expensive that Apple's sleeve Features. Choose from 11', 12', 13' or 15' models. All Sleeve designs fit current Apple models.

13' and 15' Sleeves fit 13' and 15' Touch Bar models. Also fits new 13' MacBook Air. Available for Customization Program. Who is this Product For? Our Premium Leather Sleeve is for anyone looking for the world's highest quality protection when transporting their Apple laptop in a larger bag, such as a shoulder bag, backpack or roller. If you've out grown disposable, inferior slip cases or realize at $150, Apple's own sleeve is overpriced and inferior and are ready to move up to a protection product that is built with the same intelligence, quality and care of your MacBook Air or Pro, then one of our Sleeves is for you.

JKD: You often talk about designing and building “the best” product of it’s type. What makes the Premium Leather Sleeves the best? MS: One of the perks of having invented the Apple-specific case market is getting to see everyone who comes after you. There have been many. Many have come and many have gone. MacCase is still here.

One of the reasons for our longevity is our commitment to being the best. Another is the wonderful loyalty of our customers! We deliver the best protection product for your 13' or 15' Apple laptop. Our Sleeve is a shinning example of our commitment to creating the world’s best MacBook Pro Sleeve. We have been making our Sleeves for many years. In all that time, we have yet to have a single warranty issue. We are very proud of this.

Remember that we are selling to some of the most discriminating customers in any market: Apple users. Companies like Rolls Royce and even Apple themselves are envious of a history of delivering such outstanding quality. Our zero defect record stands as a testament to the quality of our materials and the care and passion with which they are assembled. Look closely at the materials and the attention to detail and compare our Sleeve to any other, even Apple’s own effort. You'll see why we can say with confidence that MacCase makes the best MacBook Pro Sleeve available. To Make the Best Sleeve, Start with the Best Hides JKD: What specifically makes them so special? MS: It starts with our hides.

Our hides are unique. We developed them in house with a specific set specifications that we created. Typically, leather is either soft and subtle or durable but not both. So much of the 'leather' being used today for bags is what is called 'bonded leather' which is ground up leather remnants mixed with cheap vinyl, plastic and glue that creates a paste which is used to create a thin sheet. The panels for this 'genuine leather' bag are then cut from this sheet. This is why so many of the leather bags feel like plastic when you touch them, because at they are.

Our tannery has been tanning hides for 3 generations. Working closely with them, we are able to develop hides with a beautifully soft 'hand' that are tough and durable as well. Only all natural vegetable oils are used in the tanning process. This soft, buttery quality is what you feel every time you pick up our Premium Leather Sleeve. Whether you choose the professional statement of our satin finish, pebble grain black or the iconoclastic 'Vintage' brown, the hide will be soft and warm to the touch.

Book Protector Sleeve

This wonderful experience combines with the long list of designed in features that make these the best laptop sleeve protection you can buy. Your Apple portable deserves the best protection. MacCase Premium Leather Sleeves are just that. Leather MacBook Air Sleeves JDK - Is there anything specific about the 13' MacBook Air or 15' Pro Sleeves that is exciting or of interest to you to design for?

MS - The new 13' MacBook Air presents challenges in that the Air models have always been more fragile. They are thinner and lighter and therefore have less material to protect the electronic components and the screen against a hostile world.

Our leather covers do an outstanding job of providing just the sort of protection the 13' MacBook Air needs in the real world. Regarding being interesting to design for, the most interesting opportunity for me and for MacCase, is the people. A new Apple laptop generally means that a new group of people will be buying Apple for the first time.

Back when we started, there was us and maybe one or two other companies who made a case to fit a PowerBook. Now, for the latest Apple laptops, there are more companies than I can count making cases. Sure, a lot of them are absolute crap and the companies will, like so many others over the years, fade away. But if I am a new Apple user and I am looking for a case, am I going to find MacCase? That's our challenge. New customers for Apple always means potential new customers for MacCase. It's a chance to tell our story, to express our passion for this community and for them to purchase a case, sleeve or bag of real quality.

The Best MacBook Pro Sleeve Offers the Best Protection JKD - Does it dishearten you when you see so many poor quality sleeve designs available? MS - I have been doing this long enough to know that we need to keep doing what we do. This means putting the best sleeves into the world that we can. I like to focus on making MacCase products better, not spending time getting emotional drained by someone's potential choice of an inferior case.

When the MacBook Air was first released a litany of case companies were launched all having what they considered the perfect solution to protect what was then, a very thin, fragile laptop. How many cases were put out there copying Apples manila envelope ad campaign?

I don't think one of those companies from that time is still around. When the Air came out, we just put our head down, designed and built the best, most protective cases, sleeves and bags for the MacBook Air and never looked up. And we're still here. Even after all this time, we still work incredibly hard at this. I did read a post about someone who purchased what I believe was a 15' MacBook. He was bragging how he created a case from the postal envelop. Sure, the price is right, but is that really the best option to protect what is essentially a large technology investment?

I often ask, 'Would you take a bunch of refrigerator boxes and tape them together to make a garage to park your Ferrari in?' An Apple laptop is a similar kind of product.

Like a Ferrari, it represents the best of a type of thing. We make the best of a type of thing too. Luckily, we have over the years, found enough people who agreed with us. When all the dust settles, the opportunity that the new 13' and 15' Apple laptop Sleeves represent is an opportunity to engage with new people who are also looking for the best of a thing. In this case, that thing is a MacCase nylon or Premium Leather sleeve. Not everyone is going to choose a postal envelope to transport and protect their new Apple laptop (well let's hope not anyway!). They are going to want something better, something better than the crap on amazon or eBay.

They'll find their way to MacCase and we'll be here to help them. We'll offer them the best protection for their new, expensive Apple laptop wrapped in a beautiful design that they'll be very proud to own and use. MacBook Pro Touch Bar Sleeve JKD - So what specially is MacCase doing for the MacBook Air model? Is there anything radical waiting in the wings?

MS - Not immediately. Right now customers are looking for what we call 'Transitional Designs'. These are our legacy designs, our Premium Leather Flight Jackets and Premium Leather Sleeves that we have redesigned make sure they work with the 13' MacBook Air.

The Air laptops are smaller than their predecessors. While they fit in the older versions of our Sleeve, we want them to have a certain type of fit. This is one of the differences between MacCase and what a lot of other companies do. We have a 'Goldilocks' standard when it comes to fit: Not too loose, not too tight, just right. It's one of those things that customers know when they experience it. This is one of the things we like to deliver, meeting that expectation with a 'wow' or a nod of 'yes' when they first slide their 13' MacBook Air into our Sleeve. Sure the case has to protect, but a MacCase is about so much more than just protection.

Protection is where we start and we build from there. Our leather cases are about the experience.

As mentioned, yes, they are extremely protective. The do the job. They keep your Apple laptop safe.

In addition to all that protection and functionality, they smell great too. They feel wonderful in your hand and when you carry them from meeting to meeting. MacCase is about building your confidence when you walk into a room carrying one of our products. You know you've got the best thing of it's kind.

It's presents this way as well. Others see it. So, yes, protection is where we start, and we build from there in a very real way. We add value in the sense that the product will last not only as long as you have your Apple laptop, but in many circumstances and with many customers, through several generations of Apple laptops. In an age wear almost everything is disposable, MacCase is putting real, durable goods into the world that last a long time. JKD - Well there is a lot to look forward to. As always, thank you for your time.

MS - You're very welcome.

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