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Have a look in /Applications folder: Mac HD/Applications. You should see the Microsoft Office 2011 folder in there. Make sure you can see it from your wife's account as well. Sharemouse for mac.

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Multiple Devices Holder For Mac Addresses

Hi, there are four of us who want to use Office 365 Home Premium on two different Macs. On each of the two machines we have 4 separate Mac login accounts.

Multiple Devices Holder For Macbook

I am the prime account holder for Office 365, and I successfully installed Office 365 on both Macs, and successfully logged in using my Microsoft ID on both machines. The problem I have is that when I log in to one of the Macs under a different Mac user account, say my son's, I set up the Mac icons in his dock and then log into Office 365 using my son's Microsoft ID. This login is successful but Office 365 seems to count this is a 'new' install despite it being on the same device and no second download/install having taken place on the device. So as I try to set up other family members on the two devices, eventually Office 365 says I can't because I have hit my limit of 5 devices and must deactivate previous installs.

So what am I doing wrong, or is it the case that with effectively 4 Mac user accounts on two Macs that Office 365 counts this 8 device installs? I have checked this thread but this does not seem to cover my issue.


Thanks any help appreciated! Hi, I have tried upgrading both Macs to Office 2016 and (cautiously!) it all seems to work fine and no longer says that too many installs have been made. To install, for the account owner log into, install Office 2016 once on each Mac. No need to reinstall for other accounts, just login to the Mac under each Mac user account, remove old 2011 icons from the Dock, and replace with 2016 ones dragged in from the Applications folder, then when prompted enter O365 login details for each user.

Multiple Devices Holder For Mac

Let's see but looks ok!

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