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How the franchise model works is that a person or group buys the rights to open a restaurant (or other franchised business). Maelstrom video game. The business gets the benefits of the global branding and is bound. Welcome to MacNeill Group MacNeill was established in 1946 to support the independent agent by providing excellent markets and service thus helping them to increase sales and to grow their business. Over the past many years we are proud to have accomplished that mission creating the company that independent agents keep coming to for excellent.

Crystal and her team were great! At Lucas Group, our company culture is directly responsible for our successful performance. At the foundation of the Lucas, Group culture are seven principles that serve as our core values. These core values transcend all else and reflect the ethos of our company. That ethos was forged from the principals of honorable military service, but it remains a constant as we have expanded far beyond military transition. As with any virtues, they are simple in concept but demand daily diligence in their adherence.

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At Lucas Group, we are a close-knit community of premier executive recruiters who strongly believe. I worked for a large Accounting & Finance focused publicly traded recruiting firm for 10 years and was always ranked at the top of the market every year that I was there before I moved to Lucas Group. The difference here is that we hire the best recruiters (we have several CPA's and MBA's on our Accounting & Finance recruiting team), we focus on a collaborative approach so you are getting the best from the team rather than the individual recruiter with whom you are working, and we do not have to worry about shareholder return shifting our focus from putting our clients and customers first! This is a great place to work if you enjoy the recruiting industry and are looking for a professional and positive environment.

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I highly recommend us!

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