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Izulu Lami - My Secret Sky - Trailer A young girl and her little brother leave their rural homestead for the city when they are orphaned, and meet up with a gang of street kids. Hoping to fulfill their mothers dream, in the end they find their own. Izulu Lami My Secret Sky Movie. Ten-year-old Thembi and her eight-year-old brother, Khwezi, are left alone in their rural homestead when their mother dies. All they have to remember Mama is a.

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Ten-year-old Thembi and her eight-year-old brother, Khwezi, are left alone in their rural homestead when their mother dies. All they have to remember Mama is a grass mat she wove, which she aimed to enter in a craft competition. Her dream, inspired by a visit to their village by a white priest from the city, was for the mat to win a prize that could support her children. So Thembi decides to take the mat to the competition herself, and Khwezi reluctantly goes with her. When the children arrive in the city they are spotted by a street-wise 12-year-old, Chili-Bite, and his gang. He offers them a place to sleep on the street and tells her of a friend who knows the priest - who turns out to be a sleazy pimp who aims to sell this rural girl's virginity as a cure for AIDS. It is Thembi's relationship with Khwezi that sustains her quest to fulfil her mother's dream.

When this bond between the siblings is broken, she succumbs to the grief that has been welling up inside her since her mother's death. In her time alone she discovers her own dream and her own talent, then is able to reconcile with her new friends from the street, and with her little brother.

February 2009 Word from the Chief Executive To kick start 2009, we asked a number of industry players for their thoughts on the year ahead. While concerns regarding the impact of the current economic crisis remain, many see industry opportunities arising from the roll out of digital, event-based broadcast opportunities coming out of the upcoming elections, the Confederations Cup and of course the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup SA.

As Angela van Schalkwyk of Screen Africa also points out, there are signs that low-budget filmmaking is coming into its own. As we stress in this edition, the countdown to 2010 has also now truly begun. We update you on Gauteng's readiness and note that crewing agencies are readying themselves for this major broadcasting event. In future editions, we'll be bringing you news of developments that could impact our industry and advising of where and how to source necessary information. Our industry's moves to raise awareness of, and to counter, violence and xenophobia through the establishment of Filmmakers Against Racism is creating waves globally, with 4 FAR-produced documentaries being shown at Berlinale this month, as well as an intensive forum on the topic and future actions. February also sees the release of Michael Raeburn's anticipated cinematic interpretation of Marlene van Niekerk's Triomf.

Our production updates include Saving Soweto produced by Left Hand Films and Fort Greene Filmworks for Al Jazeera English as well as the live broadcast of the BBC's high acclaimed Top Gear and the formation of Jollywood. This month's location focus looks at historic homes of Gauteng, looking not only at the mansions available but also many other intriguing sites and examples of more humble historic abodes.

Lastly, we'd like to assure our readers that despite the current Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department strike, the JMPD has advised that a special provision has been made for filmmakers, who must follow the standard procedures. Our Locations Officer, Seitiso Mogoshane, is available to advise. Terry Tselane Chief Executive IN BRIEF Will it be doom or boom times ahead? December 2009 Message from the Chief Executive In November we launched the Film Friendly Gauteng campaign - an initiative to further position the Province as an attractive and competitive film destination, and attract productions to Gauteng during the upcoming summer months. To date, we have brought on board a number of our key locations, hotels, car rental companies and other suppliers and providers of services to the industry. These partners have committed to film friendly business practices and competitive industry rates. We call on the entire industry to join in the campaign.

Taking cinema back to the streets is the objective of another GFC initiative. During December, the GFC will be conducting a series of workshops to introduce some of our citizens to film as a career choice. In addition we will be bringing some much needed festive cheer to communities as we conduct a series of screenings in partnership with the City of Johannesburg and the Sedibeng District Municipality. We are particularly proud of the screenings we will be hosting at the Ekurhuleni School of the Deaf and the Sizwile School of the Deaf. And we report on a tremendously exciting initiative to tackle piracy in Joburg's CBD, which brings together industry players and stakeholders, local authorities and government bodies.

It is through initiatives such as Bliksem DVD's and its innovative approach, coupled with youth empowerment and employment, that we can actively tackle the scourge of piracy, through which approximately 14 million illegal DVD's are sold annually in South Africa. Our production update this month looks at a new project, Paradise Stop, from the creative team behind White Wedding as well as several exciting shoots in Gauteng. Our special feature takes you under the skin of Anthony Fabian, director of Skin, due to be released in January 2010. The location feature of the month looks at industrial architecture - an area in which Gauteng's cities most certainly excel.

Staying with locations, we wish to advise the industry that our offices will close from the 18 December 2009 and will reopen on the 4 January 2010. We request therefore that all permit and location-related enquiries for the festive season be submitted as soon as possible.

Wishing you an enjoyable festive season and a new year filled with endless filming possibilities! September 2009 Message from the Chief Executive Recently we announced a review of our industry support and development programme with a view to responding to the current local production crisis.


As a result, the GFC is pleased to announce that it has reassessed its funding programmes and will be providing greater support to independent filmmakers working in the Province. In this edition, we call on the industry to send us proposals in line with our vision of supporting our independent filmmaking industry through these trying times. We also urge filmmakers to submit titles for inclusion in our 2010 catalogue. It has been gratifying to note that South Africans? Like their American counterparts? Are flocking to the cinemas to see District 9?

A science fiction film that is promising to be one of this year?s global blockbusters. During August the GFC, in association with Ster-Kinekor, Soweto TV and Hype Magazine, facilitated a special screening of District 9 to a packed Soweto audience. It was an honour to take the project back to the very community that played host as principal location. In this edition we report extensively on local and international responses to the film. With the Out of Africa Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, the Tri Continental Film Festival, the World Summit on Arts and Culture, the People to People Documentary Conference and the Promax/BDA Africa Conference and Awards, Spring has arrived with a bang. Joburg will be buzzing. Terry Tselane Chief Executive SPECIAL FEATURE The proof of the pudding?

South African critics were unanimous in their praise for District 9 but the real test of the movie came on Friday 28th of August when the public flooded to see the film. Andrew Worsdale spent the day canvassing opinions from viewers.to read more Joburg?s movie mothership has landed Finally Johannesburg has become a mega- movie icon worldwide, and all it took was a mothership and a group of aliens who?d run out of gas. The arrival of District 9 on global screens this past month has been a phenomenon. Andrew Worsdale says its success means that Gauteng is now immortalised on the silver screen.to read more The figures, the reviews & the backlash District 9 made its budget back the weekend it was released.

Since then it has garnered glowing reviews while retaining its hold on the box-office. Last week (28 August) it opened well in South Africa, though it?s no Schuster and now it?s about to land over Europe and Asia with an expected box-office boom. Despite its financial and critical success some have criticised the film, accusing it of racism and some local filmmakers have even accused it of not being South African. Andrew Worsdale looks at the figures, the reviews and the adverse reaction?to read more Joburg boasts world?s biggest 3-D screen Nu Metro boasts the biggest 3-D screen in the world at Montecasino in Johannesburg. Mark Harris, Content and Marketing Head for Nu Metro Cinemas, explains:?The screen at IL Grande at Montecasino is a massive 77 foot 3-D screen. October 2009 Message from the Chief Executive Proudly Made-in-Gauteng films continue to shine with White Wedding entered as South Africa?s official entry to the Academy Awards and District 9 taking the UK box office by storm.

Continuing with our updates on preparations underway for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, we are pleased to announce the launch of the GFC?s 2010 Catalogue? A selection of productions covering African soccer, the World Cup and South Africa?s preparations for the event. We update the industry on ongoing initiatives to promote easier location filming in our Province and call for comments on the draft?Location Filming Guidelines for Gauteng? Issued last month. Lastly, we note with sadness the passing away of two luminaries. Our condolences to the families of Zakes Mokae and talented Velocity Films director Thabo Motene Marera.

Terry Tselane Chief Executive SPECIAL FEATURE Hansworshumor & the Highveld The recent success of Afrikaans teen comedies like Bakgat!, Vaatjie Sien Sy Gat and Poena is Koning? Low-budget films that have found an audience and box-office glory? Has angered many traditionalists who argue that these movies, like Leon Schuster?s comedies, are neglecting the tradition of Afrikaans art films that flourished in the late 60s, 70s and early 80s.

Izulu Lami My Secret Sky For Mac

Andrew Worsdale writes about the history of making money with?minority cinema?to read more IN BRIEF GFC calls for industry comment on location filming guidelines At a workshop held last month (September 2009), the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) invited the film industry and location professionals to comment on draft location filming guidelines for the Province.to read more Big Brother takes off M-Net?s Big Brother Revolution kicked off on 6 September and runs for 91 days. Audiences across the continent have access to one of the biggest hit-reality TV series to ever be produced globally.to read more Oscar hopes for White Wedding The South African Academy Award Selection Committee and the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) last month (September 2009) announced the selection of White Wedding for consideration as the South African entry for the 82nd Academy Awards.to read more Downloading an update on piracy The SA Federation Against Copyright Theft (SAFACT) is considered one of the most effective anti-piracy organisations in the film industry? Yet, despite this, video piracy continues, with pirated copies of the mega box office success District 9 readily available shortly after the film?s release on the SA circuit. In Focus spoke to James Lennox, CEO of SAFACT, to provide readers with an update on what?s happening and what actions the organisation is taking to counter this scourge.to read more TV viewing trends of SA?s preschoolers revealed The South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) has released data on the TV viewing trends of the country?s pre-school viewers. In the middle of 2008, the SAARF TAMS?

Universe grew by over 1,6-million viewers as four-, five- and six-year-olds were included in the television viewing universe for the first time.to read more Walking the Talk, Gareth Cliff?s new TV talk show M-Net has backed the controversial 5fm radio presenter, Gareth Cliff in his own talk show? The Gareth Cliff Talk Show? Which kicked off its 13 episode run on 23 September. The show is filmed in Johannesburg.to read more GFC undertakes industry employment census In line with its objective to support the industry and to provide factual data that can be utilised to further the sector, the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) is conducting an Employment Census to assess the industry?s ability to create employment opportunities in the Province.

August 2009 Message from the Chief Executive August sees the release of what one industry publication has recently described as South Africa?s first blockbuster. The greatly anticipated District 9 finally makes its local release? Or should we say landing? This month and the GFC is proud to have been involved in this groundbreaking, genre-bending project. We congratulate the team at Kalahari Pictures for making a truly South African film with global, mass appeal. August also sees the local releases of Disgrace and Izulu Lami. With three locally made films of such world-class credentials being released in the same month, one cannot help but think that the South African film industry has truly come of age.

Izulu Lami Download

Mac osx bash profile. August is also, of course, Women?s Month and in partnership with the Newtown Celebrates Women?s Month Festival, the Gauteng Film Commission, will yet again be supporting a series of screenings in Newtown. We also launch our?Guide to Getting Started in Film and TV?? A comprehensive career guide that was well received at last month?s Photo and Film Expo? In support of the industry. In order to assist us in promoting 2010-themed content we call on the industry to submit projects to our 2010 production catalogue. Terry Tselane Chief Executive SPECIAL FEATURE Seeing Joburg through sci-fi eyes Right now District 9 is the most buzzed movie on the planet. Gauteng-born filmmaker Neill Blomkamp?s debut feature is a science-fiction thriller set in a future Johannesburg where aliens are held in refugee camps.

With parallels to apartheid and xenophobia it?s uniquely South African, but reviews and advance word say it?s one helluva cool movie as well. Andrew Worsdale gets caught up in the viral campaign and the hoopla, and is excited by the film?s rapturous response?to read more IN BRIEF Success for continent?s largest interactive photographic expo Those who attended this year?s Photo and Film Expo? The first time an event of such magnitude dedicated to photography and film took place under one roof in SA - will no doubt agree that it was a massive success.to read more New look MediaTech Africa gets the thumbs up A new venue, more exhibitors, an external area for large screen viewings and mega sound demonstrations? This year?s MediaTech Africa advanced technology trade fair had all this and more, making it a resounding success.to read more BBC World News to launch Africa Business Report BBC World News will be hosting a new series - Africa Business Report - from the end of August 2009. The programme, sponsored by Skye Bank, plans to focus on business in Africa, examining the people, businesses and products as well as the issues, challenges and opportunities for companies trading there.to read more BEE deal at Ministry of illusion Ministry of illusion (MOI), a postproduction company best known for its visual effects and animation, has entered into a 50% BEE share deal with Sceptre Marketing, it announced last week (28 July 2009).?Selecting the right BEE partner with a highly reputable track record in industry strategy and general management was high on our priority list,? Says Ministry of illusion's MD Gerd M?ller.to read more Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking wins prestigious international award Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking has won the prestigious International Stevie Business Award of the Year for the groundbreaking work it is doing in poverty eradication. Nicknamed the Stevie?

For the Greek word?crowned,? The awards will be presented at a gala dinner at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Recipients of International Stevie Award trophies were selected from more than 30 countries. Big Fish is the only African organisation to win.to read more DOC invites comments on Public Service Broadcasting Discussion Paper The Department of Communications (DOC) has gazetted the Public Service Broadcasting Discussion Document as a process towards the amendment of the Broadcasting Act and is calling on interested persons to furnish comments on the discussion paper.

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