I Have A 123copydvdgold For Mac


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It is never likely to take 3-5 hours to transcode a DVD copy which is produced from physical DVD disc in only 25 minutes. Even the worst DVD converter app in today's market will convert a 2-hour DVD in about 1 hour. I suggest you do the following attempts: 1.

Use VidCoder ( ), a free and open-source video transcoding app featuring extremely fast conversion speed, to convert your DVD copy to H.264 video in MP4 container. No accident, VidCoder will finish the whole conversion in 20-30 minutes. If it still needs 3-5 hours to do the conversion with VidCoder, it must the problem of your computer hardware, and you can do the conversion in another computer to further confirm my judgment. For good, free DVD ripping tools and tips, welcome to visit. BTW, @W.L.@thestip@bltx@Kuldeep Kumar Dubey, i really don't know what you are talking about. You don't specify the build of your PC, so I don't know if it's fast enough, however the software makers do have some help on their website.

By all means try different settings to see if the time reduces, you will have to complete one to see if the quality is acceptable to you. Have you tried any other software? Try another product with a free trial or some other free software to see if there is an improvement, that will help isolate whether your PC is fast enough.Please see here first to see if this cures your problem (personally I think it unlikely it will) If you are experiencing extremely slow burn times this can be caused by other media burning/copying/creation software installing drivers that interfere with 123 Copy DVD and other software. Please try the following - of note any software that installed these filters/drivers will not function after removing them:. Download and install ImgBurn from the following link:. From the menu click Tools and then Filter Drive Load Order.

If you see any of the following listed select the name in the list and click Remove Selected Filter and then click Ok:. Afc.

ASAPIW2k. DLACDBHM. InCDPass. incdrm. pwd2k. Cdralw2k.

Cdr4xp. Cdralw2k. NTIDrvr. ArcCD.

MxlW2k. Iviaspi. dvd43llh. clbstor. AFS2K.

I Have A 123copydvdgold For Mac

I Have A 123copydvdgold For Mac

SiRemFil. PxHlpa64. Please reboot your computer after removing any filters. Try copying the DVD again after the above. If you are still encountering slow burn times please contact technical support.

You can contact support here here is some other software to try, but a quick search will show others.

.dvdmedia extension only exists on Mac OS. Actually it is a VIDEOTS folder with the.dvdmedia extension. On Windows, files with this extension display just as a folder. The Mac DVD player can play a.dvdmedia file directly.

You can change a.dvdmedia file to a VIDEOTS folder and vice versa. How to change: How to change the folder back to.dvdmedia: If you choose to burn a disc, type text in the DVD Name box to rename the DVD. If you have multiple Hard Drives, select the one you want to use in the drop-down list of Burn Disc in. If you choose DVD Folder,.dvdmedia, or ISO File, type text in the Save as box to rename the DVD file. Then click Choose to choose the folder location to save your DVD file. Click Save to save the settings.

Then the program will start burning the DVD. Tip: Click 123 Copy DVD Gold Preferences on the top menu bar. In the Burn tab, you can choose the Video Mode: NTSC or PAL, and the Burn Speed from the drop down list. If you receive the error “Invalid field in CDB, the device failed to respond properly, unable to recover or retry” while burning a copy or creating a DVD from video files it is most likely due to poor quality blank media or that the blank disc has been used previously but failed to complete the burning process and is no longer any good. It can also occur if the drive lacks compatibility with the DVD format (-R,+R,-RW,+RW) inserted.

I Have A 123 Copy Dvd Gold For Mac

Other possibilities include not having sufficient power for the optical drive or a defective optical drive. Please try the following.

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