How To Insert Tabs And Indents In Microsoft Word For Mac

  1. How To Insert Tabs And Indents In Microsoft Word For Mac Free

The ‘Tab’ Key. If you simply want to indent a single line of text, you can place the cursor at the beginning of the line and hit the tab key. This will add a 1.27cm (0.5”) indent at the start of the line. However, if you need to indent more than one line, you should use the indentation options instead. These can be accessed via the main ribbon in Microsoft Word. You can then apply them to an entire paragraph (or multiple paragraphs) to quickly format larger passages of text. I can answer for Word on Mac. Just hit the TAB key on your keyboard. Tabs can be set manually under the FORMAT drop-down menu top of screen, but are set by default at half inch increments. When you indent the first line of a paragraph, you basically add empty spaces before the start of a paragraph, as shown below. To create a first line indention, select your text if there is already text in the document.


. The Left indent controls the space between the paragraph and the left margin.


To change it, click on the very bottom of the indent marker—the rectangle—and drag it to a new position. The Right indent controls the space between the paragraph and the right margin and has a marker of its own. It is indicated by a single triangle on the Ruler at the current right margin. Click and drag it to change the margin. The First Line indent is used to indent the first line of a paragraph or of every paragraph.

How To Insert Tabs And Indents In Microsoft Word For Mac Free

Click the top triangle of the indent marker and move it to where you want the first line indent to be positioned. The Hanging indent controls how the text of a paragraph lines up underneath the first line. This is usually adjusted when you are working with bullets or numbering and the text does not line up properly. Click and drag on the second triangle (the one in the middle) to apply a hanging indent.

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