Holux Gps Gr 213 Driver For Mac


Introduction 1.1 Overview The HOLUX GR-213 Smart GPS Receiver is a total solution GPS receiver, designed based on SiRF Star III Architecture. This positioning application meets strict needs such as car navigation, mapping, surveying, security, agriculture and so on. Find More GPS Receiver & Antenna Information about Holux M215+ M 215+ USB GPS Receiver Antenna MTK MT3333 G Mouse GPS Glonass satellite system receiver GR 213 upgrades,High Quality gps receiver antenna,China usb gps receiver Suppliers, Cheap gps receiver from Shenzhen Costop Technology Co., Ltd. On Aliexpress.com.

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Product Information. The SiRF Star III architecture based Holux GR-213U GPS Receiver is a high- performance GPS receiver, which handles all your navigation needs for surveying, mapping, car navigation, AVL, and location-based services and many more. This Holux GPS receiver is a small-sized wonder that tracks up to 20 satellites at a time and update position data every second.

The Holux navigator also re-acquire satellite signals in 100 ms. The trickle-power function and Push-to-Fix features of this Holux GR-213U GPS Receiver, allows unit operation in fraction and a quick position fix. The Holux GPS receiver employs 200,000 correlators that deliver a speedy Time-to-Fast-Fix feature.


This Holux navigator is water-proof and functions effectively in varying degrees of altitude, velocity, and jerks. This Holux GR-213U GPS Receiver also lets users adjust the amount of power saving percentage which achieves the best power efficiency. Do not purchase this item for Linux or Unix systems! Personally I cannot give it any stars at all. I'm sure for those who use MicroSnot OS computers this thing works.

However it advertises it is Linux compatable. Maybe I didn't put enough effort into it but I've been a long time Linux/UNIX user and I cannot get the software they shipped with it to compile. I tried to compile it with the off the shelf software of Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu/Puke, and several others. I filled out a CS request on the Holux OEM web page.

Holux M 215+ Gps Receiver

Holux gps software

May 1, 2014 - The MacOS & Linux drivers are not listed in Holux's website. However, M-215+ is using the same usb chip as GR-213U, you can always.

They have not bothered to even respond. So I purchased another make that I had before but gave to a friend who went on an emergency expedition. At the time I had it my system detected it and received data but I had not gotten the maping software working at the time on a new laptop and system. I now have the maping software and other software that works with the GPS, maping and other technical software for my work. So I'm waiting on this one for a full evaluation. I would never reccomend the Holux GR-213U for Linux use.

Maybe for MicroSnot but I'll never now. I have absolutely no use for Bill Gate's junky, almost usless OS. This is a great GPS, easy to hook up, and is NEMA 183 compatible.

As A full time cruiser, it is important to always have an accurate position for my boat. I bought a Holux GR-213U as a backup for my chartplotter. By hooking it up to my computer, I have a NEMA 183 GPS that provides my position to several different software packages on it.

Holux Gr 213

Holux Gps Gr 213 Driver For Mac

The Holux GR-213 is very compact, fits nicely in a port light where it always provides my position, and with its USB cable is easy to hook up to my laptop. All it needs is the USB cable (i.e. No power, signal cables, etc.). I have enough confidence in this GPS that I have recommended it to many other people. At least 3 of them have purchased one. They love it too.

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