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FAQ ID # 205 - How do I scale up or scale down the size of my receipts without modifying my POS Software? FAQ ID # 205 Last Update: 2012/02/28 Question How do I scale up or scale down the size of my receipts without modifying my POS Software?


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All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. Software Description: Java utility classes to perform high quality image down-scaling, rotation and crop of jpeg images using JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) The project includes an HTML 5 canvas to define cropp parameters on a client, for server side generation of high quali. Oct 14, 2016 - Upscaling a photograph always means trading resolution for size. And while Photoshop's “preserve details” scaling does a pretty good job, there's a. To learn more or download the freeware for yourself (it's compatible with.

Downloads Answer The PDF in the Downloads section of this FAQ provides instructions on configuring Receipt Scaling for the TSP800II and TSP700II. Receipt Scaling is yet another way Star Micronics is helping retailers reduce their environmental footprints. Scaling enables receipt and invoice size to be automatically reduced or expanded anywhere between 20-200% with NO change to the original POS Software! Receipt size reduction is especially important to any hospitality or retail establishments using bulky desktop printers for invoice or receipt printing. For example, consider all the unused white space on an average hotel invoice, typically provided on a large sheet of paper.


The Star scaling feature can take that same invoice, automatically scale it down, and print it on the TSP800II or TSP700II. Both models are a fraction of the size of large desktop printers and require no ink or toner to print, making the pair excellent enviro-friendly alternatives. The TSP800II’s default paper width is 112mm (4.1in), giving hotel or purchase invoices the wide-format feel that patrons are used to while adding a high quality touch to normal 80mm receipts. In addition, print out size can be scaled up. This feature makes small text and receipts with lots of information easy to read without using a large desktop printer or A4 paper. This feature has been used to assist patrons who require larger receipt text, or to automatically add more space for content on receipts.

From A4 to a high quality 112mm invoice instantly: This article is part of Star's Eco FAQs. STAR MICRONICS CO., LTD.

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