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So you’ve found the perfect gift, and hopefully selected a card. I’m sure that the recipient will be appreciative however you choose to give it to her. Rather than just handing her the gift at the usual time, you could go a step further and make the presentation extra special. Here are some memorable gift presentation ideas: Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas Four Ways to Give a Gift for New Moms or Moms-to-Be 1. The Diaper Package When I was about 200 months pregnant with my 3rd child (at least it felt like I had been pregnant that long), my husband gave me for Christmas a beautifully wrapped package. When I unwrapped the gift, I found a newborn diaper all bundled up just like you do with a used diaper. (He had even added a little mustard to the diaper to make it look realistic) Fortunately, when I opened the diaper, I found a lovely jewelry box with a beautiful pair of diamond earrings inside.

The types of font you use in your PowerPoint presentations can be trickier to finalize, mainly because there are so many options at your disposal. In her Presentation Software Guide for About.com, Wendy Russell notes that sans serif fonts typically work best for titles and headers. Free Happy Birthday PowerPoint template for presentations that you can use to celebrate a birthday or make presentations on celebration. Alternatively you can also download free happy birthday images.Upon opening this free PowerPoint background using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you see lots of presents, balloons, and a big cake on top. Write the birthday boy or birthday girl’s name in the.

My husband, kid, and parents all had a great laugh at the icky expression on my face when I found the “used” diaper – and I had a wonderful pair of earrings! The Gift Inside a Gift Trick Part of the fun of getting a present is unwrapping. You can keep the joy going by putting your present inside a larger box and wrapping the larger box nicely. Then put that box inside a larger box, and wrap the larger box.

Continue going as many times as you’d like – I’d suggest 3 or 4 boxes. The Fake Size Gift Box Trick This is especially good for when you think the recipient might have some idea as to what the gift is. Simply place the present in a much larger than it actually needs. The trick here is to also add enough weight to the box so that when the recipient picks up the box, the extra weight fools her. For example, my mother once thought that she was getting silverware for Christmas (which she actually was). When I wrapped the present, I put it in a box that originally held a sleeping bag.

Happy Birthday Powerpoint Presentation Creative Unique

I then added a few weights from my brother’s weight set so that the box was very heavy. As a final touch, I wrote “fragile” on the gift tag. Mom spent quite a bit of time that year trying to figure out what gift could be so heavy yet also fragile – and she was quite surprised when she opened it to find silverware (either that, or she’s a wonderful actress)! Inside a Book If you’re giving her tickets, a gift card, or another flat gift, you could always tuck the present inside a book and then wrap the book nicely. Then she’ll have the fun of reading the book as well as enjoying the actual present itself. Fun Ways to Give Her a Gift 1. Treasure Hunt My best friend’s husband actually proposed to her this way!

I liked the idea so much that I used it several times with my kids, who loved finding their presents this way. This one can take a little bit – or a lot – of planning, depending upon how you do it. The easiest way is to simply write clues on decorative notes or pieces of paper that direct her to other clues. The final clue will lead to the gift.

If your treasure hunt only takes place in your house or apartment, then it just takes a little while to prepare the treasure hunt. You could go all out and hide clues throughout the neighborhood or town. You can then walk or drive (or better yet, splurge on a limousine) to the different locations. Obviously, this method will take a bit of time as you have to place the clues all over town before the event. It’s definitely a memory that she will enjoy for years to come – and you’ll get major boyfriend/husband points in the process! On the Cake Most gift-giving occasions call for a cake of some sort. If you’re giving her something small such as a ring, you could gently set the gift on top of her piece of cake before serving her.

In a Drink This is another fun way to give jewelrysimply drop the jewelry into the glass before you give it to her. Be sure that the glass is clear and the beverage is light colored so that she will see the gift rather than gulp it down! Unique Times to Give a Present You probably have a traditional time to open gifts. In our family, birthday gifts are opened in the evening once everyone is home from school or work. Breaking out of the gift-giving time rut is an easy way to add excitement to the occasion. Here are some unique times to give gifts:.

First thing in the morning: Start her day off right by bringing her a cup of coffee and her gift while she’s still in bed. If it’s a workday, be sure to allow a little extra time to enjoy the moment rather than being rushed. In the bathroom: Most women have a makeup kit or a drawer where they store all their toiletries. Put her present in that kit or drawer so that she finds it while she’s getting ready in the morning. In the car: Place her present on the dashboard of her car for her to be surprised with as she leaves the house. Don’t put it on the car seat; she may not look before sitting down – you don’t want a squashed present!. At the office: Have a co-worker slip a gift onto her desk or into the drawer that she stores supplies or her purse in.

In the kitchen: Surprise her by placing the gift in an unexpected place, such as the refrigerator or in a cupboard that you know that she’ll look in during the day.

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Happy Birthday Powerpoint Presentation Creative Unique

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Powerpoint Happy Birthday Template

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