Gsx Snowboard For Mac

  1. Gsx Snowboard For Mac

ELAN GSX FUSION + F ELX 12.0 2018 If fast long turns are your addiction, then the GSX Fusion is the right ski for you. It’s race origin is very evident, whether skiing gates or drag racing with friends Ski cross style. The secret of the lightning quick response with world class precision is Elan's Arrow technology. This innovation combines a cambered carbon booster plate that transfers energy to the tips, with an arrow shaped layer of titanium that loads extra energy to the edges.

The skis have just a hint of rocker profile combined with camber for a quick and responsive entry and stability in the turn. The Response Frame Woodcore with double titanium construction allows for direct power transition, stability and edge control and RST Sidewalls for precision. All these components provide the prefect amount of sportiveness that satisfies even the most demanding skiers.

TECHNICAL INFO:. Elan is a Slovenian firm specialized in the manufacture of sports articles. Elan owes its fame mainly to its skis and snowboards.


In the 1970s, the Swedish skier Ingemar Stenmark won three consecutive times the World Cup of alpine skiing on Elan skis. Its headquarters is located in Begunje in Slovenia while the corporations are spread in Europe, in Slovenia for the skis, Austria for the snowboards.

Crazy Snowboard is a fun and engaging arcade game that enables you to explore a large 3D environment and prove your snowboard riding skills in over 30 missions. Slide down the slopes, avoid obstacles, jump off ramps, gain long air time and perform crazy in-air tricks to complete your missions and unlock new riders, boards and tricks. Dec 23, 2011 - There are plenty of applications and software for Mac OS, but most of. GSX Snowboard is a simple, top-scrolling, snowboard racing game.

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Gsx Snowboard For Mac

Gsx Snowboard For Mac

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