Google Trademark Policies Causing Headaches For Mac


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I know I am stupid but I hate the Google thing by which when you enter a word a window drops open to show all the words you might type at that point! How can I get rid of this unwanted prompt that is such a nuisance? Being baffled by computers hardly makes you stupid. In fact, I’d say it makes you “one of us” since everyone I know gets befuddled by some aspect of technology eventually. In this instance, you’re talking about and it’s one of those things where either you love it or you hate it. And it sounds like you’ve moved along that continuum since you started trying it.

For those of you that haven’t tried Google Suggest, here’s a screenshot showing how it works with a partially entered search for “halfblood prince”: In this situation, I’ve typed in halfb and as I’ve typed each letter, the suggestion list has changed, always showing me the most popular dozen odd searches that match the prefix typed so far. Cool idea, but I don’t use it either, frankly, and I can understand your reluctance to keep it as your own default Google search page. Fortunately, the explains exactly how to disable the entire Suggest system, restoring you to your normal Google search page. Here’s what they say: How do I get back to normal Google? You can go directly to, or type into your browser’s address field; either way, you’ll be back using ordinary Google search without Google Suggest. If Google Suggest comes on whenever you open a new browser window, it may be set as your home or start page. To set your start page back to (or anything else) use your web browser’s Options menu.

In Internet Explorer, you can do this by first selecting Tools, then Internet Options. On the Internet Options menu, look for the Home Page section, find the Address: text box, and enter Then select OK.

In FireFox, this menu is found under Tools, then Options. In Mozilla, it is found under Edit, then Preferences. In Opera, it is found under Edit, then Options. I think this will get you back to regular Google searches with nary a hiccup! Only way so far to stop this absolutely f@$.ed up virus search that we will be forced to take until they f.&% it up some more for all of us by adding another “feature” is search add-ons for firefox and get Adblock Pro (the stop sign one not plain adblock)after it is installed and firefox is restarted go and click on the top right hand corner stop sign (it says ABP across it) select preferences, select filters, select add filter.

Google Trademark Policies Causing Headaches For Mac

Google Trademark Policies Causing Headaches For Mac

Then type or copy paste this: into the box. Then it’s gone forever.

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