Fable The Lost Chapters Video Game For Mac


Your character will grow, acquire scars and marks, get haircuts and tattoos - whereas his body shape and height will depend on his habits, training and alignment. You can buy a house, impress the ladies and even get married. There are also a number of mini-games within FABLE, from gambling to fishing and prize-duels.


Is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Fantasy-based, Third-person and Single-player video game created by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Studios. It is another game in the series of Fable which allows the player to create his life from childhood to death.

At the beginning of the game, it allows the player to create his character and get into to the game world who is able to freely fantasy game world, interact with non-player characters, take the quest and try to complete them all. The game looks easy, but after the progress of the game, the player can face a powerful enemy monster that will try to kill the player.

The game also offers key features such as dynamic weather system, interact with the teeming cultures, different towns and cities, upgrades make new friends and much more. With enhanced game mechanics, quite addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and superb game setting. Fable: The Lost Chapters is an excellent game to play and enjoy.

Fable The Lost Chapters Video Game For Mac

Is an Action Role-playing, Third-person Exploration, Open World and Dark-Fantasy Single-player video game created by Lionhead Studios. The game takes place in the breathtaking fantasy world and puts you on an adventure, in which your every action describes your skills, reputation, and appearance. Create your unique story from start to end. Choose your path of evil or dedicate your life to righteousness. Assume the role of the protagonist, customize it using different accessories, select your path and start your journey. There is a variety of challenging quests that you must accomplish to enhance your reputation. Use different weapons and fight against enemies, defeat them to earn points and unlock further content in the game.

Interact with NPCs, and explore the open environment using third-person perspective. Fable: The Lost Chapters offers prominent features such as Real-time Combat, Build your Legend, Explore Evolving World, Dynamic Weather System, Deformable Environment and more.

Fable: The Lost Chapters is the best Role-playing as compared to other games like same genres.

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