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How to upload from Mac to Facebook? In order to upload photos directly from your Mac computer to your Facebook account, you need to have iPhoto installed on your computer. Tally t9308 printer drivers for macbook pro.

Easy Uploader For Macbook

A quick look at the Mac App Store revealed over 50 apps for zipping and unzipping files. Below are instructions that show you how to compress and decompress files and folders using the zipping tool built into the Mac.

IPhoto is a software for Mac which makes it easy to organize and edit your photos. And there are lots of great ways to share your photos on to your social networking websites like Facebook etc. Earlier with the old versions of iPhoto (older than iPhoto 11), you had to export photos from iPhoto to your desktop and then go to your Facebook page to upload them. But with the iPhoto 11, you can directly upload & publish photos or videos to your wall, as an album on Facebook, or as your profile picture. IPhoto has simplified the process of sharing photos to Facebook with its 'Facebook uploader for Mac' feature. There are two ways to upload your photos and videos to your Facebook account. One, via PicBackMan for Mac and the other via iPhoto's 'Facebook uploader for Mac'.

Free Uploader For Mac

Users of Facebook are sure to like this app, which is designed to make uploading photos to the social media site even easier. Easy Photo Uploader from ObviousIdea lives up to its name, simplifying the process and giving you more control of your pics. Once it's installed, you just need to connect the free application to your Facebook account. The software is quite simple and easy to understand. Uploading is just a matter of right-clicking on the folder or the specific photo you want to share, a method that is faster than going through the usual Facebook utility. You can also customize the resizing process for the photo upload.

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The photo uploader will also support non-JPEG files with the installation of the WIC codec. Easy Photo Uploader is a welcome improvement to the way photos are currently uploaded to Facebook. Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook is used to upload your pictures to Facebook as a batch directly from a shell extension. When you see pictures or a folder with pictures in your file explorer, just select the pictures and right click on 'Send to Facebook'. The software will do a batch resize and upload your photos to a new or existing Facebook album.

Easy Uploader For Facebook

Resizing is done directly on your computer, and there are several options to fine tune the quality. It supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, and basically any format if you have a WIC codec installed for it (such as RAW from Canon.CR2, Nikon.NEF, Minolta, Sony, and others).

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