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ISkysoft iTransfer Mac enhances your experience with bringing music to a new level. Backing up music from iTunes Library / Mac on iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android, transferring music from iTunes Library / Mac to iPhone / iPad / iPod / Android devices and visualizing music 2 devices. Uninstall Daniusoft iTransfer for Mac 1.0.1 on your PC. Please get a quick way to go to the section you want via the following shortcuts, if you have any other problems, please go to the comment section to post your question.

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Daniusoft Itransfer For MacFor

Daniusoft iTransfer for Mac is a handy tool for you to manage iPod/iPhone files on Mac without hassles. Backup your music, movies and photos from iPod/iPhone to Mac, transfer files from Mac to iPod/iPhone, and copy files from iPod/iPhone to iTunes – this iTransfer for Mac makes all these possible. Plus, Daniusoft iTransfer for Mac offers you a flexible way to transfer files between iPod/iPhone, iTunes and Mac. You can easily share the songs, movies and photos on iPod/iPhone with your friends, and manage multiple iPods/iPhones on one Mac. It supports all models of iPod, iPhone and iPad, like iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G.

Key Features:1. Backup iPod/iPhone files to Mac. Copy iPod/iPhone files to iTunes. Transfer files from Mac to iPod/iPhone. IPod transfer + iPhone transfer.

Easy sharing. Manage multiple devices with one Mac 7. High file transfer speed. 6.Built-in FLV Player. Convert for various devices. 8.Optimized settings for devices.

Daniusoft Itransfer For Mac Review

9.Easy to download and fast to convert.

Iskysoft Itransfer For Mac

Backup photos, music, and videos from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android to Mac or iTunes Library, transfer media files between iPod, iOS and Android devices. Enjoy Music without Limitations iSkysoft iTransfer elevates your experience of enjoying music to a whole new level. It breaks the barrier of iTunes for syncing music only to iPhone/iPad/iPod, letting you backup music from iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phones to iTunes Library/Mac, transfer music from iTunes Library/Mac to iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android devices and transfer music between 2 devices visually. 1-click to Rebuild iTunes Library Whether you lose your iTunes Library due to computer crash, virus attack or even you just switch to a new computer, you can rebuild your iTunes Library with everything intact. ITransfer makes it so easy for you: connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad or even Android device to your Mac launch iTransfer click “Rebuild iTunes Library, then everything, including songs, playlists, videos, iTunes U, audiobooks, and more are copied to your iTunes Library instantly. Phone to Phone Transfer: Share Files between Devices Own more than 1 device?

Itransfer Crack

The 1-click phone to phone transfer feature in iSkysoft iTransfer gives you the full solution to transfer music, playlists, videos, photos and more between any iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android device side-by-side. Just connect the 2 devices with your Mac, transfer as files between 2 devices visually. Fix “iPhone/iPad/iPod Won’t Connect to Computer” Find your iPhone, iPad or iPod won’t connect to computer or iTunes? It has been a common problem that people encounter regularly, and there isn’t any useful way to fix it instantly. Powered by the latest technology, iSkysoft iTransfer can fix the problem with 1-click.

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