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Heads-Up Displays - HUDs Heads-up displays are the main weapon in the arsenal of any online poker professional. They allow us to keep track of ongoing game conditions and provide statistics for us in convenient displays so that we can focus more on other aspects of our game. When used properly, HUDs are very +EV tools. At, the game-play is all anonymous. This defeats the long-term opponent tracking features of the most popular HUDs such as.

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However, short-term player tracking does function quite well! Short-term player tracking means that there is a program that can track player statistics in real time, on all of your Ignition poker tables, but it is limited to only tracking data during each individual session. In other words, when you leave the table, the data is lost.

Sep 28, 2018 - Left the US market poker tournament clock software free download in. For poker tournament clock software free download Windows, Mac and Mobile. Keep track of when each player was eliminated, and by whom. Potawatomi Bingo Casino 140 reviews Milwaukee, WI 53233 (Marquette area). Feb 15, 2017 - Potawatomi Casino in Milwaukee is proving quite the lucrative poker spot for Alex Aqel. Just a few months after winning a Mid-States Poker.

This is because players on the site do not have names; they only have numbers assigned to them based on what seat they occupy at any given table. And 'player 1' at one of your tables is not 'player 1' at another, so the software cannot aggregate the data. How to use a HUD properly with small sample sizes Players often ask us 'what good is short-term, per-session stat tracking?' It is something we overlooked at first ourselves, but we soon learned the error of our ways. Let us face it: Most people looking for a HUD are pros, semi-pros, or, at the very least, aspiring pros, with a few hardcore enthusiasts thrown in for good measure. And as such, all of us are thinking about how to maximize the amount of money we win while playing poker. Nowadays, especially in the US and Aussie poker markets, that requires playing on multiple poker sites at the same time since we can no longer rely on hugely liquid sites like PokerStars or 888.


When multi-siting, one is dealing with two, three, maybe even more than four different poker software clients at the same time. Arranging the lobbies, moving around the tables, hunting for new games, and playing the ones you're currently involved in takes a lot of focus and concentration. And this of course, no matter how good one is, takes some small toll on one's winrate. One of the best uses we have found for an Ignition HUD is to keep track of players on these anonymous tables while playing on multiple poker sites. Using the hand count number, one can easily see if the anonymous 'player 3' at your table is the same fish you have been sitting with for an hour, or if he was replaced by a possible shark while you were involved in an all-in situation on another table and were not paying attention! This has saved us countless buy-ins in the past – simply being aware of player seat changes in an anonymous environment. Otherwise, we use the HUD for a few of the key stats and somewhat standard numbers such as:.

VPIP: Money Voluntarily Put in the Pot. PFR: Pre-Flop Raise Percentage. 3B%: Percentage of Hands 3-bet Preflop These statistics mentioned above, while basic in nature, are the stats that converge quickly. This is important because one only needs a small sample size in order for reasonably reliable informational trends to emerge from the data. We recommend using these simple stats to more quickly profile anonymous opponents as possible fishy targets or, conversely, nitty regs who will have stronger hand values.

This allows you to focus your mental energy on playing other hands and pitting yourself against the loose players rather than the tight ones who are unlikely to cough up any money or contribute highly to increasing your bb/100. Exclusive Discounted HUD and Tracking Software Professional Rakeback uses its volume pricing power to deliver you a discount on the most highly recommended Ignition HUD, Holdem Indicator and its Mac-friendly cousin, iHoldem Indicator. These applications are wonderful for Ignition players because they contain full support for the popular Zone Poker fast-fold cash game format. We are the only website where you will find a 10% discount on the Indicator products. Using this discount for yourself is painless: Simply click our special link below which will take you to the Holdem Indicator website where you will be offered the discounted purchase price.

Poker Tracker 4, Holdem Manager 2 and Ignition Poker By default, neither Poker Tracker 4 nor Hold'em Manager 2 used to support Ignition, or online poker sites. However, in August 2018, PokerTracker deployed a free hand grabber that can be used with the tracking package to import Ignition hands. Unfortunately, this hand grabber isn't available for Macs, but it works fine on Windows machines. There's now no longer any need to fiddle around with third-party programs to benefit from HUD and tracking features as long as you're running a version of Windows on your computer. Some users have reported success using the hand grabber with other PaiWangLuo Network sites, but your mileage may vary if you attempt to run it in conjunction with Bovada or Bodog. If you're a Holdem Manager fan, limited functionality can be incorporated into play on these sites.It requires the use of a hand history converter. Only one company currently manufactures such a product, Ace Poker Solutions.

APS' answer is to convert Ignition hand histories into a more recognizable format (that of Pokerstars hand histories) and use the converted hands for database imports. This allows a player to save long-term player data on his or her own play. This is very useful for players who want accurate results for the sake of comparing their play on one site versus another, compiling statistics on the general tendencies of the anonymous player pool, and keeping proper track of sessions for the purposes of taxation. Ace Poker Solutions has also created realtime hand history capture software that allows you to use the Holdem Manager 2 (HEM2) Heads Up Display (HUD) while playing. Head over to APS today by clicking the button below for the type of software you're interested in acquiring.

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This page lists several types of software for playing or analysing poker games. It does not cover online poker rooms where poker is played for money. For these please refer to the. On this page you can find:. which can be used for off line analysis poker probabilities and strategies. programs that you can run locally to provide help while you play online. programs to help you record and keep track of your poker results.

programs for organisers of home poker leagues and tournaments. programs with which you can play poker against a computer. sites where you can play online against other live players for fun only, without money. software you can use to set up your own server where others can play. Probability and Hand Analysis The following programs allow you to analyse probabilities in various situations, or input hands to obtain a recommendation on how they should be played. The calculates winning odds, probabilities and optimal bets at pre-flop, flop, and river stages, and helps you to determine winning starting hands depending on the number of players in the pot. Available for Windows, Palm OS and Pocket PC PDAs.

Casino potawatomi poker tracking software for mac mail

Is a shareware poker training program that calculates pot odds and winning probabilities and outs, and enables you to test various pre-flop decision methodologies. Offers a range of programs for calculating probabilities, equity and expected values, managing your bankroll and other useful functions.

Provides reviews and ratings of the most popular poker odds calculators. Mark Brader's public domain calculates hand probabilities with single and multiple decks.

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The results can be seen on the. Derek Lazenby has written a, which ranks the 169 Texas Hold'em starting hands and displays the probability of winning, given the number of players. Software that provides assistance while playing online is an automated table selection tool for SnG (Sit and Go) players. This application can automatically find a suitable tournament and register you in it. Automatically tracks your cards and your opponents' actions while you play Texas Holdem on line and indicates the strength of your starting hand, pot odds, outs and probabilities of hitting specific hands. The same company also produces indicator products for Omaha and Stud poker. Is an online poker odds calculator and hand tracking tool which provides real time statistics and gives you the tools to analyze and improve your Texas Holdem game.

Is a subscription service that collects players' results statistics from Sit and Go tournaments on Party Poker, Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Ultimate Bet, so that you can know in advance the strength and playing styles of your opponents. Performance Tracking Software The following software allows you to record various aspects of your own poker performance, to track your winnings and analyse various features of the sessions you have played. The site provides a facility for players to track their performance, recording and analysing details of time, place and results of each session they play.

Offers 'pokerstats', a free web-based poker tracker, plus various other on line poker resources. Software for Home Poker Players and League Organisers. Have published free web-based software to help organize your own poker league, schedule games, record results and keep track of statistics. Is a free web-based tournament management application including player registration, blind structure calculator, tournament clock and payout calculator.


Is an online poker software allows poker players to schedule their home games and poker tournaments, issue invitations, record stats, post news, update results and so on. There is a fully functional free version, or by paying a monthly subscription you have access to extra features such as forums and photo galleries. Playing poker against the computer With the following programs you play poker against computer (AI) opponents. The collection for Windows or Mac OS X includes severeal poker variants that can be played against the computer. Is a Windows program with which you can play No Limit Texas Holdem against computer opponents. Ring games and several tournament formats are available, and the computer players have varying playing styles for extra realism. The program can be configured to give advice on play with reasons for its recommendations.

A free demonstration version is available for download. A Texas Hold'em game is included in the Ltd. Package: it can be played against the computer or against other players. At Liza Xu's site you can play Texas Hold'em online against the computer for fun. Free Online Poker is a free, family friendly online poker room.

The game is Texas Hold'em for play money only with animated cartoon players, side bets, and the opportunity to throw tomatoes and pies at your opponents. Is a free server on which you can set up a password protected game of Texas Hold'em to play with your friends over the Internet. Play is for chips - it is up to the players whether to play for fun or to settle up in real money afterwards. There is no charge to download and use the software and no rake. Runs Texas Hold'em and Omaha tournaments played for chips.

Casino Potawatomi Poker Tracking Software For Mac Mail

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