Can't Turn Off Recent Notes


I am adding on here too. For work, I have a lot of sensitive notes that are sensitive even by title. When I am in a meeting either sharing my screen or having someone look over my shoulder, it is a huge risk to have a list of recent titles (e.g.

HR conversations, MGMT meeting notes), I have had to turn off all shortcuts to hide the recents and have lost 20% productivity as a result. I am a loyal subscriber that pays for more (not less) efficiency. I really need this capability ASAP and suspect that others do as well. +1 from a longtime user (registered on the discussion site solely because of this issue) I had a nice, clean sidebar that never cut off words (horizontally or vertically). Now its always filled up because 6 rows of random note titles (plus buffer space) are now crammed in there. They frequently get titles cut off, and cause my sidebar to be so vertically long, that my trash/tags selections get cut off at the bottom. Pretty annoying that they would force you to populate your sidebar with titles.


Pretty much everything else about the sidebar is (still) customizable. Please fix this.

Force Turn Off Note 5

Malarie Gokey/Digital TrendsAs phablet fans flocked to the fantastic Galaxy Note 5, many experienced issues. Every smartphone has its troubles, but there’s usually a way to get around them. We’ve been gathering some of the most common Galaxy Note 5 problems, along with the workarounds and potential solutions you might need to address them. You can find more useful advice in. Problems with S Pen, Wi-Fi, freezing, and more Problem: S Pen jammed There has been a fair bit of fuss over the dangers of round. It’s obviously supposed to go in nib first. This was a tricky mistake to make on earlier Note models, but with the Note 5, you can slide it in end first and it may become stuck.

Microsoft Edge, the new replacement for Internet Explorer, lets you take notes, write, doodle, and highlight directly on web pages as a note. Afterwards, you can save or share the web note. A valuable feature is the ability to track changes made to a story by each contributor in the writing and editing process. Whenever anyone adds, deletes, or moves text within an existing story, the change is marked in the Story Editor in InDesign or the Galley and Story views in InCopy.

Turn Off Notes In Edge

A few people have broken the detection feature when pulling it out again, so the S Pen no longer automatically launches the Air command menu or the quick note option.

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