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Related: Whether that be through channels behind the face to aide ball speed, moveable weights, or new face technologies, golfers can combine these new innovations with adjustable lofts and settings in the hosel to create endless combinations for a truly perfect fit. Whether you want to hit the ball further, more accurately, or straighten up a slice, the best drivers on the market will offer a little bit of everything, whilst some will be better suited to certain areas. Below are 12 of the best drivers 2018 has to offer. Related: Best Drivers: TaylorMade M3.

Ideal Spin Rates and Launch Angles for Driver Sign in to follow this. Ideal Spin Rates and Launch Angles for Driver. Author of a book dealing with exactly this stuff as if you were asking me how to shoot the lowest scores and play your best golf. It is not by hitting irons only. I wrote the topic. Suffice to say I've read it. Driver Launch Angle = Distance. Players make three significant errors in swinging the golf club when it comes to hitting the golf ball long. They use a Driver which has insufficient loft for their club head speed.

TaylorMade introduced the M3 driver which incorporates their new, featuring a clubface that curves in different areas to all of the other ‘bulge and roll’ driver faces seen on this list. It aims to help golfers be more accurate off the tee, especially when coupled with their ‘Y Track weight technology’ which features two 11g weights that can easily be moved to find the optimum centre of gravity for shot shape preferences. The M3 driver also features Hammerhead technology, which aims to increase the size of the sweetspot, aiding off-centre strikes. Best Drivers: Callaway Rogue Callaway’s new Rogue driver comes with an updated Jailbreak technology, where two bars are fitted behind the clubface, connecting the crown to the sole for added stability and ball speed.

The Rogue also includes a more efficiently weighted clubhead for better feel, forgiveness and launch. Best Drivers: Ping G400 Max Ping’s new G400 Max driver is a 460cc version of the we saw last year.

Best Clubs For Low Launch Angle

This allows the clubhead to be more stable, with a heavier tungsten weight placed towards the back. The face is lighter than previously and new detailing on the crown should help players with their alignment. Best Drivers: Cobra King F8 The new Cobra King F8 driver features a milled titanium face which aims to help improved distance and accuracy. The F8’s aerodynamic drag is better than previous models which will help players pick up more clubhead speed.


It also features adjustable weights to fine-tune shot shape, spin and launch. Best Drivers: Titleist 917 New technology comes into play with Titleist’s 917 driver, with a weight port in the back of the head to dial in your preferred swing weight, launch, spin and shot shape. It has been positioned at a 30 degree angle to the clubface to help make its shot shaping characteristics as accurate as possible. The 917 also sees the improved Active Recoil Channel 2.0 and Radial Speed Face 2.0 for higher ball speeds on off-centre hits. Best Drivers: Mizuno GT180.

The GT180 from Mizuno is a highly adjustable driver offering golfers enhanced chances to dial in their shot shape. It comes with a new multi-thickness Forged SP700 Ti face to improve ball speed. The GT180 comes with extra weight settings compared to previous models, to alter ball flight on a greater scale. Best Drivers: TaylorMade M4 TaylorMade’s M4 driver features the same Twist Face and Hammerhead technology seen on the M3, but without the Y Track for altering ball shape. It comes with a higher MOI than last year’s M2 thanks to a weight in the back which is 86% heavier. It also has improved feel and sound thanks to a refined Geocoustic construction.

Ideal Launch Angle For Driver

Best Drivers: Wilson Staff C300 The Power Hole technology headlines Wilson Staff’s new C300 driver, which helps expand the club’s sweetspot for faster ball speeds. There is also Reactive Face Technology to improve performance and it is fully adjustable via weights and the hosel. Best Drivers: Srixon Z565 The Z565 driver from Srixon comes with a Power Wave Sole to improve launch angle and forgiveness. It also has a Stretch Flex Cup Face which creates a larger sweetspot.

Launch Angle In Golf

Best Drivers: Cleveland Launcher HB Cleveland’s new Launcher HB features zero adjustability so golfers who simply want a driver they can pick up off the shelve and take to the course will love this. No hosel adjustability saves 15 grams of weight which has been repositioned to make the Launcher HB more forgiving. Flex-Fin Technology increases distance and a new lighter HiBore Crown improves launch, forgiveness, sound and feel. Best Drivers: Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic. Epic features the original Jailbreak technology, with two titanium bars connecting the crown and sole for faster ball speeds and more stability. It also features a 27 gram sliding weight at the back to help fine-tune ball flights and has a fully adjustable hosel. Best Drivers: Lynx #BB The Lynx #BB is the company’s most technologically advanced driver ever.

It is fully adjustable with different loft options and two 3 gram weights to play around with for altering the centre of gravity. Related: Need some more Golfing kit advice? Head over to for an expert view.

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